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Dear Friends of Chiropractic-

I am excited to announce our new Injury 2 Wellness Centers Wellness Club!

Over the past few years, I have had many requests for an easy and affordable self-pay plan that does not require expensive & unaffordable insurance to help keep families healthy and pain-free all year round. How could individuals (or even a family of 4) afford not to experience health and wellness? How come staying healthy & preventing dis-ease has become more costly and not less?

People's veiws have been rapidly changing on what it takes to get well and stay healthy! People are eating organic foods, exercising more, going natural in their cleaning products, choosing natural Chiropractic Care and at the same time are avoiding unnecessary Drugs, Injections, & Surgeries. People want to prevent dis-ease in the body and keep the Brain-Body Connection strong!

Annual Wellness Club Members can *pay as little as

$13.50 per Adjustment!!

Periodic Chiropractic check-ups can help to restore health and prevent serious spinal problems! Spinal alignment is essential for the normal functions of body, mechanics and movements, normal flow of nerve energy to all parts of your body, and normal activities of all the functions of every other organ of the body!

Chiropractors spend years training on how to properly align the spinal bones for optimal health. We take great care in each encounter to be sure we make the necessary Adjustments and the amazing healing powers of the body are then allowed to restore health naturally! It is as simple as that!

*Visit your closest Injury 2 Wellness Centers for complete details.

Join our new Wellness Club - Today!




Dr. Garcia
Clinical Director
Injury 2 Wellness Centers - Decatur, Clarkston, & Jonesboro

PS: Car Wreck Again?!?!? Then we have the right treatment plans for you! You need effective & properly documented Chiropractic Care. Choose to treat with us and we will help guide you each step of the way back to Wellness - From Injury 2 Wellness!!


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VA Chiropractors To Perform Physical Exams for Military Veteran Truck Drivers

President Trump has signed into law the Job for Our Heroes Act, which includes a provision allowing chiropractors working within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to perform physical exams on veterans needing a medical certificate to operate a commercial motor vehicle. "The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) is committed to improving the health of our veterans by removing barriers and expanding access to chiropractors in the VA as well as other federal programs," said ACA President David Herd, DC.  Prior to the legislation, only 25 medical doctors within the entire VA health care system were qualified to perform the Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exams. Providers in the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners—including more than 3,500 chiropractors—were excluded from providing the exams to truck drivers who receive their care through the VA health care system. Consequently, the drivers were burdened with limited access and increased wait times, and were forced to look outside the VA and pay for eligible health professionals to perform the required physical. By increasing the number of health professionals, including chiropractors, who may conduct the physical exams, the new law will the ease the process, as well as save time and money, for veterans seeking commercial driver’s licenses.

Author: American Chiropractic Association
Source: Acatoday.org online, January 11, 2018.
Copyright: American Chiropractic Association 2018

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Chiropractic First - Surgery Last
Many individuals suffering from back, neck and spinal-related conditions experience mild to moderate, even severe chronic pain. Often, a sense of frustration and hopelessness lead many to obtain surgery in their quest for relief before considering other forms of safer, less invasive care. The medical research discussing the complications of surgery are loaded with statements including, "Surgical site infection (SSI) after spinal surgery can result in several serious secondary complications, such as pseudoarthrosis, neurological injury, paralysis, sepsis, and death." Certainly there are conditions that may require surgical intervention. However, it's essential to first ensure that other forms of safe, non-invasive, mainstream interventions such as chiropractic care have first been considered, especially given the severity of complications related to spinal surgeries. If you or a loved one are experiencing neck, back and/or spinal related pain and/or discomfort, or, perhaps it's simply time for a checkup, call your local doctor of chiropractic today. Most chiropractors offer no obligation consultations allowing an opportunity to meet with the doctor and discuss your case prior to making any decisions about care.

Author: ChiroPlanet.com
Source: The Spine Journal. Vol. 15 Iss. 3, March 1, 2015.
Copyright: ProfessionalPlanets.com LLC 2015

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Appreciate your Doctor of Chiropractic

Did you know chiropractors are in a high-risk group for low back disorders. Ironically, low back problems are the most common conditions chiropractors treat. While providing patient care, chiropractors can place a great deal of stress on their back and spine. So next time you see your chiropractor working hard to get and keep you well, give them a friendly pat on the back… they deserve it!

Author: ChiroPlanet.com
Source: J Manipulative Physiol Ther 2003;26:25-33
Copyright: ChiroPlanet.com 2003

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